100% fiber network powered by AT&T expands in 17 Metros

AT&T is bringing an ultra-fast gigabit Internet connection1 to homes, apartments and small business locations in nearly 50 new cities. This brings service to additional communities in 17 metro areas where we’ve previously launched.

Metro areas with 100% fiber network include:

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What can I do with ultra-fast internet speeds?

These internet speeds are 20x faster than the average cable customer.2 You can download 25 songs in 1 second or a 90-minute HD movie in less than 34 seconds.3

You can also quickly access and stream the latest online movies, music and games. The ultra-fast speeds also you easily telecommute, video-conference, upload and download photos and videos, and connect faster to the cloud.

The ultra-fast internet service is currently available in over 51 metros nationwide.