63% of US consumers use more than one device to plan trips

U.S. travelers are using more devices than ever before, increasing their use of smartphones, computers, and tablets for researching travel options and purchasing air travel and hotel rooms. In fact, a significant majority of consumers – 63% – say that they regularly use more than one device for planning and booking trips, according to a new consumer survey conducted by Signal, a global leader in real-time, people-based marketing.

Key findings include:

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  • Planning travel with multiple digital devices is the fastest-growing trend.

In contrast to last year, trip planning vs. booking saw higher increases in multi-device usage, with more consumers frequently relying on smartphones, computers, and tablets for travel information.

Smartphone use experienced the highest increase among all devices, with 51% of travelers using their mobile phones more often than last year for planning, and 41% reporting increased use for booking.

Travelers are also using computers more often for planning (40%), and for booking (35%), and relying on tablets for planning (30%) and booking (24%) more frequently.

  • Mobile-loving Millennials are driving a mobile-first future.

While most travelers say the computer is still their preferred device for planning (56%) and booking (58%), Millennials (ages 18-34) are propelling the smartphone revolution. They are 5 times more likely than Baby Boomers (age 56 and older) to research and book air travel and hotel rooms on their smartphones.

They’re also more likely to engage across devices: 73% of Millennials use multiple devices when planning and booking, versus 30% of Baby Boomers.

  • Cross-device behavior doesn’t stop once tickets and rooms are booked.

Travelers aren’t just engaging across devices before their trip occurs – they’re staying connected after they leave home. Half of consumers use 2 devices when traveling, while a notable number (25%) are device enthusiasts, using 3 or more while traveling.

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