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The Mobile Globe is a web site that will help you find the latest deals for your phone and tariff. We are publishing news and analyses covering also latest apps and gadgets on the market.

On this web site you will see ads and links from operators and retailers. The web site will get commission if you use some of the links and banners and buy a service or a product. That will not affect the price that you will pay, as the other party will compensate us. It is the same as shop assistants that are getting a bonus per sale.

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The choice to go through our site is only yours and will not cost you anything- we will highly appreciate if you do that, as that will help us to become better in serving you.

There is no opportunity to post comments below our articles. The reason for that is that Facebook is better suited for that purpose as all our articles will be shared there.

This web site has been started in October 2016 and will develop further so any proposals, comments and criticism are more than welcome.

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