Aria glasses are helping the visually impaired

Across the nation, millions of people with blindness and low vision are experiencing more – regardless of the obstacles they face. How? Often, they’re empowered by technology.

Until September 11, you can enter the Experience More sweepstakes by using the hashtag #ExperienceMore, #sweepstakes and @ATT on Instagram or Twitter or at The prize? A once-in-a-lifetime gameday experience with Emmitt Smith.

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The winner will be flown to attend a professional football game on Sunday, Oct. 1, at AT&T Stadium. Emmitt Smith will use Aira technology to call personal play-by-plays throughout the game.

Earlier this year, Aira, a groundbreaking service for blind and visually impaired people was launched as the first product out of AT&T’s Foundry for Connected Health. They’re glasses that pair with our highly secure wireless connectivity to help blind and visually impaired customers access the information they need for everyday tasks and to tackle new challenges.

These challenges can even be as big as running the Boston Marathon. Learn how Erich Manser completed the race earlier this year, despite his degenerative eye disease. All thanks to the help of Aira glasses connected by AT&T – and Erich’s determination, of course.

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