AT&T adds Cinemark to the tickets program

Every week, AT&T sends thousands of customers to see Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters through Ticket Twosdays.

AT&T is adding Cinemark theaters to the program you love. This boosts the total number of movie screens to more than 17,000 and the total locations to more than 1,280.

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In addition to the millions of AT&T postpaid wireless customers now eligible to participate in Ticket Twosdays, the program is extended to more than 38 million DIRECTV, AT&T U-verse TV and AT&T Internet customers who can now take advantage of Ticket Twosdays.

“We’re welcoming millions of customers to our Ticket Twosdays program,” said Jay Cary, vice president, customer loyalty and retention, AT&T Entertainment Group. “We know our customers want effortless entertainment experiences – that’s why we’re increasing our Ticket Twosdays footprint by more than 25%. Now it’s easier to enjoy a movie on us.”

AT&T postpaid wireless customers and now qualifying TV and internet customers can get a free movie ticket on AT&T when they buy one at full price for a Tuesday showing. These are available to eligible customers once a week for the duration of the program.


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