AT&T brings the smart cities framework to Atlanta

AT&T teamed with Current, powered by GE and Georgia Power, a subsidiary of Southern Company, to test intelligent lighting solutions in Atlanta. The companies are using the AT&T Smart Cities framework as the foundation to add intelligent lighting solutions throughout the city.

The City of Atlanta and Georgia Power will be piloting Current’s new IoT sensor platform for cities and installing 1,000 wirelessly controlled LED lights. As part of the smart cities pilot, the companies will test these intelligent technologies to help the city make improvements in three key focus areas:

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  • Mobility – reduce traffic congestion and decrease average commute times
  • Public safety – improve response time and reduce crime in defined areas
  • Environment – Reduce emissions and greenhouse gases

The companies will test the intelligent lighting solutions in 5 areas of Atlanta. This includes the North Avenue Corridor, where AT&T will test other smart cities solutions.

Additional areas include the Buckhead Loop—a major business, retail and entertainment district, and around Atlanta’s new football stadium.

“Under the leadership of Mayor Kasim Reed, the City of Atlanta’s Departments of Public Works and Atlanta Information Management are working to transform Atlanta into a Smart City,” said William Johnson, Interim Commissioner, Department of Public Works. “Thanks to our collaboration with Georgia Power, AT&T and GE, the City is now able to utilize intelligent lighting solutions to improve services for our residents and visitors.”

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