AT&T Delivers the Network Performance Gamers Crave with New NVIDIA GeForce 

What’s the news? It’s full stream ahead if you love gaming. As an early enabler of cloud gaming technology, AT&T* joined forces with NVIDIA to kick off 2023 with a brand-new GeForce NOW offer that gives gamers six months of the recently unveiled Ultimate membership on us. This latest extension with NVIDIA lets gamers upgrade their experience with the platform’s cutting-edge features – taking cloud gaming up to 240 frames per second for the first time ever –while riding on the strength of the AT&T network to take on your competition.

What’s different? We first introduced our NVIDIA GeForce NOW deal to 5G customers last year. This time, we’re expanding the deal to even more customers. Starting Jan. 19, both wireless AND internet customers can qualify. It’s simple. All you need to be is a:

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New or existing AT&T 5G customer with an eligible 5G device and qualifying unlimited 5G rate plan.1 AT&T may temporarily slow data speeds if the network is busy.


Or a new AT&T Fiber customer.2

And as added value, the new deal comes with GeForce NOW’s newest, highest-performance membership. The new Ultimate tier Delivers the lowest-latency cloud gaming experience. Paired with AT&T’s fast, reliable, secure network, gamers will get an experience that rivals most local game play. The membership also breaks new ground, streaming 4K up to 120 FPS and to ultrawide monitors.

Why does it matter? Gamers today want flexibility. Cloud gaming gives them the ability to pick up on mobile from where they left off on a PC. With GeForce NOW Ultimate, they’ll be able to jump right into 1,500 titles on the devices they already own. In addition to the freedom to play just about anywhere at up to 120 FPS on mobile – this new offer also upgrades a gamer’s experience to play on the best NVIDIA RTX cloud graphics, with the fastest access to servers, longer session times, better resolution and higher frame rates.

“The new GeForce NOW Ultimate membership is taking cloud gaming to new heights — streaming beyond-fast GeForce RTX 4080-performance at new resolutions and frame rates on AT&T’s fast and reliable network will be an amazing experience for all gamers,” said Phil Eisler, vice president of GeForce NOW at NVIDIA. “Adding Fiber customers to a fantastic offer means even more gamers, on more devices, will get to experience the best in cloud gaming.”

What sets AT&T apart? AT&T 5G3 and AT&T Fiber is a 1-2 combo delivering fast speeds, reliability, and our overall best experience we have to offer. Whether you prefer to play at home or on-the-go, the foundation we’ve built across wireless and home internet will have you covered. For mobile gamers, our nationwide 5G is designed to deliver lower latency to help decrease jitter and improve ping times in an activity where every millisecond counts. And as the fastest internet now delivering up to 5-Gig speeds,4 AT&T Fiber can also deliver these benefits to gamers at home.

“Significantly more gamers (58%) now play via mobile device – which may or may not depend on a broadband connection – versus a PC (39%) or console (42%),” says Roger Entner, Founder and Principal Analyst of Recon Analytics.5  “As the carriers fully roll out 5G, I’d expect to see more gamers favor mobile, with a focus on fast-paced games that require increased reliability and low latencies.”

What’s next? Our work doesn’t stop here. As the Exclusive 5G Technical Innovation Collaborator for GeForce NOW, we’re working with NVIDIA to understand what gamers need most from their cloud gaming platform and helping deliver solutions for customers on our network. It’s all part of our mission to become the best connectivity provider in America and providing you with a seamless experience from a single source – AT&T.

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Subject to change. Other terms & restrictions apply. Details to follow at

Subject to change. Other terms & restrictions apply. Details to follow at Internet 300M+ (min $55/mo +taxes w/Autopay & Paperless billing.) Redemption req’d. Limited avail/areas.

3 Access to 5G require compatible device. AT&T 5G not available everywhere. See for 5G coverage details.

4 Limited availability in select areas. Fastest among major internet service providers, based on 5Gbps offering.  Internet speed claims represent maximum wired network service capability speeds and recommended setup.  Actual customer speeds are not guaranteed.  Single device wired speed maximum 4.7Gbps.  For more information go to

5 According to a November 4, 2022 survey of 3,800 U.S. consumers.