AT&T Enhances Coverage Ahead of NCAA Men’s Final Four

AT&T is enhancing its network for customers at the NCAA Men’s Final Four. Fans can enjoy March Madness in Phoenix with a strong wireless network, making it easy to share once-in-a-lifetime moments.

In total AT&T is investing more than $2 million to better the mobile experience. The carrier has 7 Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) serving venues hosting NCAA Men’s Final Four events.

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Venues include the University of Phoenix Stadium, the Phoenix Convention Center and nearby hotels. At the stadium alone there is more than 60% LTE capacity to the existing wireless network.

A DAS is made of numerous, small antennas that distribute AT&T wireless network coverage to boost cellular capacity and shorten the distance a call or text must travel. Simply put—calls, texts and posts are less likely to get stuck in a cellular “traffic jam.”

AT&T also deployed 2 Cell on Wheels (COWs) equipped with the Luneburg Lens, or “Eyeball Antenna.” This gives attendee’s 10x the capacity of a traditional single-beam antenna. They will handle spikes in demand from the concert series in downtown Phoenix and the area surrounding the University of Phoenix Stadium.

The carrier added capacity at 16 nearby macro cell sites. These enhancements will help customers have a better wireless experience—no matter where they are.

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