AT&T expands coverage in Houston

When football fans head to Houston for the highly anticipated “Big Game,” they can expect an enhanced AT&T mobile experience as they share once-in-a-lifetime moments with friends and family.

The company have been working for more than a year to expand our mobile internet coverage. This is part of a continued investment to support growing demand for wireless devices and services. This is done through a series of permanent and temporary upgrades throughout the Houston area.

Customers will be connected from the moment they arrive. They can share moments on social media during the week-long pre-game festivities, back at their hotels and during the “Big Game” in Houston—faster and easier than before.

In total, the carrier is investing more than $40 million so fans can have an all-around better mobile experience.

At the football stadium in Houston will now provide 100% more LTE capacity than the start of the 2016 pro football season. This gives fans strong cellular coverage throughout game day – from tailgating to the trophy presentation.

Fans can enjoy better coverage in hotels, arenas, airports, convention centers, among other venues.

AT&T invested more than $1.35 billion in its Houston area wireless and wireline networks between 2013 and 2015.


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