AT&T Fiber is available in over 5.5 million locations across 57 metros

To continue to improve how the customers connect, AT&T launched ultra-fast internet service in 2 new metro areas – Biloxi-Gulfport, Miss. and Savannah Ga. The operator also expanded availability to over 60 communities across 20 major metros. 

AT&T markets the 100% fiber network powered by AT&T Fiber to over 5.5 million locations across 57 metros. Out of these locations, over 2 million subscribers choose internet service from AT&T.

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The operator plans to add another 1.5 million locations by the end of the year, which will total at least 7 million locations able to access the 100% fiber network.

“The boundaries between work and home are collapsing,” said Eric Boyer, senior vice president – product marketing, AT&T. “Customers are using the ultra-fast speeds powered by AT&T Fiber to access remote desktops, stream entertainment, upload to social, use cloud based computing applications and more.”

An ultra-fast internet connection powered by AT&T Fiber lets you quickly access and stream the latest online movies, music and games. You can easily telecommute, video-conference, upload and download photos and videos, and connect faster to the cloud.

Eligible locations can choose from a range of internet speed plans on our 100% fiber network designed to deliver the same speeds up and down. These plans include AT&T Internet 50, AT&T Internet 100 and AT&T Internet 1000.

Existing metro areas where we expanded availability today include:


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