AT&T improves the coverage for the Kentucky Derby

AT&T and Mobilitie have expanded coverage at Churchill Downs by upgrading the Distributed Antenna System (DAS). Those heading to Louisville for the Kentucky Derby May 6 can expect faster speeds and boosted reliability to share once-in-a-lifetime moments.

A DAS consists of multiple, strategically-placed antennas that distribute the AT&T wireless network coverage throughout Churchill Downs. These antennas manage heavy wireless traffic in the area. This brings better, more consistent wireless coverage to customers.

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Recent upgrades add over 20% more LTE capacity to the existing wireless network. This makes it easier than ever for AT&T customers to share exciting moments during the Derby weekend, from the opening of the gates to the thrill of the final horse race. This year marks the fifth year AT&T and Mobilitie have teamed up to improve coverage at Churchill Downs for the Derby.

“As mobile usage continues to climb, it’s important for us to maximize network coverage at Churchill Downs,” said Ryan Jordan, general manager, Churchill Downs Racetrack.

“The Kentucky Derby is unlike any other major sporting event. And our company goal is to advance the guest experience. Our partnership with Mobilitie lets guests with smartphone service from participating carriers to maintain connectivity. They can also share their onsite experiences in near-real time.”

“Churchill Downs continues to host the highest-attended sporting event of the year. Hundreds of thousands of visitors attend.  Our long-term partnership with Churchill Downs allows us the opportunity to operate and maintain one of the largest and most advanced wireless networks in sports,” said Christos Karmis, president, Mobilitie. It builds, owns and currently operates the neutral-host DAS network.

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