AT&T International Day Pass keeps you connected in over 100 countries

Starting Friday, AT&T is making it easier to stay connected when you travel.

With AT&T International Day PassSM, you can talk and text all you want, and use your data plan in over 100 countries, only paying for the days you use abroad.

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Instead of being charged per minute, message, or megabyte while traveling, you‘ll pay just $10 a day per device for any 24-hour period you use your device in an International Day Pass country.

With the new AT&T International Day Pass, simply:

  • Add to each device one time and it’s available whenever you travel within the 100+ countries until you remove the feature.
  • Use in our most popular destinations in Europe, Asia and the Caribbean – like the U.K., France, Italy, China, India, Jamaica and the Bahamas – as well as all of Central and South America.
  • Access your plan data and get unlimited calls within International Day Pass countries and back to the U.S., as well as unlimited texts to the world at no additional charge.

International Day Pass feature may be removed if international voice, text, or data usage exceeds 50% of total voice, text, or data usage for two consecutive months. Terms from your underlying domestic plan, including Stream Saver, fees and other restrictions apply.

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