AT&T introduces data saving feature

AT&T introduces data saving feature called Stream Saver. It will be available early next year and will allow you to watch more video on your wireless devices while using less data by streaming content that it recognizes as higher definition video at Standard Definition quality, similar to DVD, (about 480p).

You will have control over which lines on your account use Stream Saver and can turn it off or on at any time once AT&T activates it. There’s no additional cost to use Stream Saver.

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Stream Saver will not apply to content it cannot identify as video. The feature will be added for existing and new customers on AT&T postpaid rate plans that include data.

It will be included for compatible devices on Mobile Share Advantage, AT&T Unlimited Plan, Mobile Share Value, Mobile Share, AT&T 1GB Tablet Plan, AT&T 1GB Car Plan, Unlimited Data plan, and other select plans.

Stream Saver will be added to customer accounts on current GoPhone rate plans that have data included, or that allow a data package to be added, with the exception of pay-per-minute plans and the Car Connection 2.0 plan. Stream Saver will be added after the launch for new activations and rate plan changes.

Stream Saver works on wireless devices that have the capability to stream video content, including: smartphones, tablets, Wireless Home Internet, and hotspots.  Exceptions include Connected Car (except the ZTE Mobley) and devices that cannot stream video.

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