AT&T Introduces new retail store format – wins J.D. Power’s Wireless Purchase Experience award

AT&T earned J.D. Power’s Wireless Purchase Experience award today.  It’s a 9th consecutive win. The operator also debuted a new retail store design focused on entertainment to provide the connection and content customers want.

“This is an award based on customer feedback. Winning our 9th consecutive award from J.D. Power validates the hard work we put in to take care of them,” said Rasesh Patel, senior executive vice president, Digital, Retail and Care, AT&T Entertainment Group. “We’re never going to stop working to get better, which is why we’re approaching our stores differently – with an entertainment focus.”

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The new entertainment store design is an evolution two years in the making, and will reach 45 stores this year with hundreds to follow.  It will be the design for all stores moving forward, both new and renovated.

Some of the key features of the new store format include:

  • Entertainment, everywhere.Our new stores will illustrate the combination of content and connection. We train our reps to show how these services and products can add value to your connected life – and now that story is all about entertainment.
  • Smartphones and everything else.We’ve moved the phones off the walls to the center of the store to make it easier to compare them and choose what’s best for you.  We’ve also created two focus areas to show the most popular brands that have products like AR glasses, tablets or smartwatches that work with your smartphone.  We expanded our lineup of accessories, and we’ve made them easier to find and browse.
  • A comfortable experience.These stores are designed for you to have a personal connection with our reps and services. And we know selecting a phone, a plan and sometimes adding TV and home broadband to your list takes longer than grabbing a shirt off the rack at the mall.  So we made sure to create individual and comfortable areas for you and our reps to work together

“We know you’ll walk in and realize something’s different, said Patel. “We’re proud to offer this combination of services. It’s an exciting time for us and for our customers.”

J.D. Power presents the Purchase Experience award twice a year. The study took place from January to June 2017, with 6,703 U.S. wireless customers participating.



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