AT&T introduces security solutions

AT&T Mobile Security is a free Android app to help the wireless customers download and use other apps with confidence. It allows you to better protect your smartphone from potential threats and helps reduce your chances of becoming a victim of fraud.

AT&T Mobile Security:

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  • App Security: Helps protect you against downloading unsafe apps and files.
  • System Advisor: Notifies you if the operating system has been tampered with.

For comprehensive wireless protection, you can also download AT&T Call Protect, a free app available for our customers to fight back against nuisance calls. To date, AT&T Call Protect has blocked over 7 million calls and provided warnings for over 14 million spam calls.

AT&T Call Protect:

  • Works with our network intelligence to automatically block calls from potential fraudsters.
  • Provides suspected spam call warnings.
  • Enables customers to manually block specific calls.

Download AT&T Mobile Security from Google Play for free. You can also download AT&T Call Protect from Google Play or the App Store for free.



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