AT&T launches the second year of Hello Lab

AT&T launches the second year of AT&T Hello Lab. It’s a collection of original entertainment created by, for and with Millennial and Gen Z audiences on social media. Fans not only engage directly with their favorite creators; they also participate in driving stories forward.

AT&T Hello Lab advances the art of storytelling through social media platforms. The program continues to redefine the narrative process through fan collaboration. This year will feature 2 new projects as well as 2 returning series.

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The highly successful first year of AT&T Hello Lab featured 10 series across social media, all fueled by fans and 2-way interaction. The program garnered 117 million views, 832 million impressions and 30 million fan engagements.

In collaboration with Fullscreen Media’s Strategic Content Group, year 2 of AT&T Hello Lab focuses on 4 large-scale projects. These projects will be produced and distributed later this year:

  • Rooster Teeth’s “Schooled” returns for a second season on March 15. The video game competition puts kids up against professional gamers. Look for a twist this year on the Achievement Hunter YouTube page.
  • “@SummerBreak” also returns this year for a fifth season, now officially part of the AT&T Hello Lab program. The show follows a group of California teens throughout the summer. It has built a community of more than 700,000 followers, contributing to the franchise’s 492 million lifetime views.
  • “Lost Letters,” debuting fall 2017, is a fan-driven scripted narrative. It plays out across several popular YouTube channels, like last year’s successful interactive YA series “The Disappearing Girl” with Collins Key, which garnered 31.1 million views.
  • AT&T Hello Lab will also debut a mentorship program. It pairs emerging talent of underrepresented communities with entertainment industry veterans. The mentor teams create films that we will release on DIRECTV NOW and other platforms.

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