AT&T Launches VoLTE Roaming for Customers in Japan

AT&T and NTT DOCOMO are launching VoLTE roaming in Japan. Customers traveling there will get a more seamless wireless experience.

The VoLTE network (Voice over LTE) covers more than 300 million Americans. Customers traveling in Japan can now roam on DOCOMO and enjoy HD voice services when calling other AT&T customers with compatible devices and in VoLTE coverage areas.

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DOCOMO is Japan’s largest telecommunications company, serving over 73 million customers nation-wide.

With VoLTE, you can simultaneously talk while surfing the Web at ultra-fast LTE speeds. VoLTE also enables crystal-clear HD voice services.

“Customers will be able to enjoy the benefits of VoLTE when roaming in Japan as they do at home,” said Bill Hague, executive vice president global connection management, AT&T. “It’s another example of our constant work to improve the experience for our customers both at home and abroad.”

AT&T is the first U.S. telecommunications company to offer VoLTE roaming to customers traveling in Japan.

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