AT&T promotes positivity and kindness in online conversations

AT&T and Fullscreen, a next generation youth media company, are launching phase 2 of the Later Haters campaign. It promotes positivity and kindness in online conversations.

USA gymnast and three-time Olympic Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas joins AT&T’s efforts to address online hate by inspiring teens to be more aware of their online actions and drown out haters with more positivity.

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“We hope teens will not only say ‘later haters’ to online hate, but also flip the conversation to one that’s positive,” said Beth Shiroishi, vice president, Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy, AT&T. “This campaign is focused on providing Gen Zers support and messages to foster positive behavior on their social networks and have fun while doing it by taking a vacation from negativity.”

The latest phase in the Later Haters campaign will promote actionable change among teens and young adults. Douglas will kick off the Later Haters social media campaign by encouraging young people to take an #EveryDayVacay. This is a time to reflect, recharge, and radiate more online love and positivity.

A conscious effort such as sending a kind text to someone or leaving encouragement on someone’s selfie can drive intentional, positive change in online activity and translate to lifelong habits.

AT&T and Fullscreen are asking audiences to create their own social media posts using the hashtag #EveryDayVacay and join in on saying #LaterHaters. Teens have a chance to have their uplifting content featured on the Later Haters website by using the tags #EveryDayVacay, #LaterHaters and @Later_Haters.

“The shift from face-to-face interaction to online communication has not only changed the way people engage with one another, but it has also created a new set of anxieties and pressures for teens to deal with,” said Ashley Smith, senior director, Social Entertainment, Fullscreen. “It’s so important for younger generations to see positive examples of healthy social interactions, which is why we’re thrilled to be a part of AT&T’s Later Haters campaign and encourage teens to take an #EveryDayVacay from online negativity.”

AT&T and Fullscreen aim to extend the reach of the campaign by meeting teens where they already spend time – social media. Online influencers will join Douglas to act as role models with positive social media habits. We’ll also have a short video to encourage this same idea on DIRECTV and DIRECTV Now, in AT&T-owned retail stores and through online ads. You can also catch it on the Later Haters website.

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