AT&T Security Solutions help protect against child identity theft

Community Based Care (CBC) of Central Florida chose AT&T to help protect their network and the personal information of the more than 3,000 children they serve each day.

As the lead agency for child welfare services in the region, CBC services include foster care, adoption, mentoring and independent living. Personal data is collected and transferred across their network daily to effectively and efficiently support their core value – serving children and families.

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Recognizing the vast responsibility inherent to this process, they work to do everything possible to help protect the identity and privacy of their clients.

CBC serves the most vulnerable – children.  Through no fault of their own, these children have entered the foster care system as a result of being abandoned, neglected or abused. CBC wanted to take steps to see to that the children in their system did not fall victim to another type of attack – a cyberattack.

When working remotely, case workers require the ability to input and update the information of the children in their charge. Without adequate security measures, sensitive/personal information may be more vulnerable to hackers and identity theft.  In the case of children, identity theft can go undetected for years.

CBC is an AT&T Virtual Private Network (AVPN)/MPLS customer. Data can be transmitted between CBC’s various entities or remotely from out in the field – without leaving their private network. However, this not for profit agency wanted to take their network security to the next level.

By adding AT&T Cloud Web Security and AT&T Threat Manager Log Analysis, they have taken a proactive approach to help protect all layers of their network.

As a not for profit organization, the AT&T solutions have allowed CBC to manage their network in-house at a lower cost. They now have more visibility into suspicious activity and can work toward compliance with state and federal regulations for Protected Health Information (PHI).

“We take pride in two important areas: protecting children and being a nonprofit with a low 5 percent administrative expense,” said Len Hartman, CFO, Community Based Care of Central Florida. “AT&T has helped us protect our kids from a digital attack at a cost within our budget,” adds Mark Monn, MIS Director, Community Based Care of Central Florida.  “While these children and youth are under our care, we are committed to protecting all aspects of their lives.”

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