AT&T to Bring 5G to AT&T Stadium

AT&T* became the first to introduce standards-based mobile 5G services a few weeks ago. And now, we’re announcing plans to be the first U.S. carrier to light up 5G at one of the most iconic venues in the country – AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

AT&T Stadium is home to “America’s Team” and consistently hosts championship sporting events as well as the biggest music and entertainment shows in the world. It’s where tens of thousands of people gather to enjoy, and share, experiences that they can’t get anywhere else. In fact, AT&T customers used more than 155 TB of mobile data – the equivalent of sending about 400 million selfies – this year alone at AT&T Stadium.

We expect 5G will eventually help deliver the next generation of connected entertainment at the stadium. We’re aiming to introduce our 5G network there in the coming months.

“Some hear 5G and just think it means faster connection speeds. However, it goes beyond that,” said Igal Elbaz, SVP Wireless Technology.  “5G is expected to alter the in-stadium experience in dramatic, exciting ways by blurring the physical and digital experience in ways that are simply not possible on today’s networks.”

“Since opening AT&T Stadium in 2009, our vision and focus was to remain on the cutting edge in every facet of our building,” said Dallas Cowboys Chief Brand Officer Charlotte Jones Anderson. “Together with our strong collaboration with AT&T producing the most innovative technology that the world has to offer, we believe this announcement only further enhances the fan experience that can only be offered at AT&T Stadium.”

At some point, we expect fans will be able to use 5G to take their stadium experiences to the next level. Ultimately, 5G might enable fans to blend their physical experience with virtual augmentation at AT&T Stadium. What does that mean? In the future, think about getting up close and personal to the victory celebrations in the locker room through VR glasses hooked up to your smartphone. Or watching an instant replay in crystal clear 360-degree video while in line for the restroom or concessions. 

Our planned 5G installation at AT&T Stadium is the first step toward making these entirely new connected experiences a reality.

Tackling By the Numbers AT&T

Throughout the season, football fans flooded into stadiums with their smartphones in hand – ready to capture all the game day action. Fans soared through data as they shared their favorite plays, fight songs, quick videos and more from the biggest games. And they hit a perfect data score.

Last night’s thrilling championship game resulted in Clemson, SC bringing home the championship trophy. From the coin toss to the final touchdown, fans shared heart-pounding moments and used nearly 9 terabytes (TB)* of data during college football’s biggest game weekend. That’s equal to more than 25 million selfies from the stands.

And here’s what the rest of the regular season looked like: Based on mobile data usage alone, College Station, TX would celebrate as the data champions. They used over 36.6 TB of total data throughout the season. Fans in Columbus, OH weren’t far behind, using over 35.8 TB of total data. 

When your team is in action, you want to share those touchdown dances, one-handed catches and game-day selfies. That’s how fans set data-breaking records on our network at stadiums across the country. Let’s take a look back at how the data stacked up on our in-stadium mobile networks.

College Football Final Data Score:

  • There were tons of college football games played across different venues where we provide in-venue coverage via Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS).*
  • The top 10 stadiums where fans used the most data are home to winning teams
    • 70% of the stadiums that used the most data were homes to teams ranked in the final top 25 of the regular season, including the stadium in Tuscaloosa, AL, home of the top-ranked team in the country.
  • Which regular-season college football game resulted in the most mobile usage? On November 24, the crowd in College Station, TXshared their best game day moments on their phones using nearly 7 TB of data.
  • That equals more than 19 million stadium selfies. That’s a lot of selfies—and even more team spirit.
  • If average mobile data used per game determined the outcome of the college football championship, College Station, TX would still bring home the big data win.
  • From the games played at more than 100 pro and college stadiums, our customers used more than 560 TB** of total mobile data during the 2018 regular season— an 85% boost from the 2017 season.

Though the college football season has come to an end, more gridiron action still awaits. We’ll shift gears to Atlanta where we’re hard at work ensuring our network is ready for pro football’s Big Game.


*Data includes the in-venue DAS, COWs, and surrounding macro network for AT&T customers throughout the weekend.

**Data metrics come only from venues with a DAS where the AT&T mobile network is on-air. These metrics aren’t comprehensive of every game played during this season for college or football.

***Figures only include data traffic from AT&T customers on the AT&T venue-specific mobile network and surrounding macro network. 

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