AT&T to deliver on-demand Marketplace for business customers

AT&T will soon be launching a platform that will take the complexity out of ordering, managing and deploying applications and services.

Businesses want dynamic, on-demand tools and technology that will grow with their changing needs. AT&T Business Console will put choice and control of integrated mobility applications into the hands of our customers.

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With the initial launch, AT&T Business Console, will focus on managing mobile applications and services. AT&T Business Console is designed to work across Android, iOS and other mobile operating systems.

It simplifies the experience for AT&T mobility devices, and can support devices from multiple wireless carriers and Wi-Fi only devices. This meets the diverse needs of our business customers who have been seeking an answer for years.

With AT&T Business Console, businesses of all sizes that operate both domestically and globally will have flexible, highly secure self-service options.

As of 2016, businesses on average have deployed 10 to 16 off-the-shelf cloud applications on their employees’ mobile devices. Selecting and managing the applications for each employee can be overwhelming.

“Our customers are on a journey to transform how, where and when they do business,” said Steve McGaw, chief marketing officer, AT&T Business Solutions. “In support of this transformation, we’re giving customers the ability to select, configure and manage their applications with AT&T Business Console.”

AT&T Business Console aligns with our shift to virtualization and software defined networking (SDN). Collaboration with Independent Software Vendors (ISV) and developers will let us create and deploy content more easily to the end-user.

The power is truly in the network, not just the equipment or marketplace. When you bring together ISVs, developers, software and hardware, we can deliver a faster and agile experience.

Businesses aren’t only changing the way they think of their core network solutions, they’re increasingly turning to AT&T to address their network transformation through mobilization. And, we can provide a true end-to-end network experience for these customers. As AT&T Business Console evolves, it will make it easier for businesses to manage all of their business and network needs.


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