Black Friday weekend: T-Mobile with great offers for flagship smartphones

T-Mobile announced Black Friday offers. Starting November 24th for Black Friday weekend, you can get a free flagship smartphone from Samsung, LG and the other top-selling smartphone after 24 monthly credits when you trade in a qualified device you own with T-Mobile ONE.

Plus, when you also switch a number to T-Mobile, you’ll get a cool $200 to spend anywhere you want for each and every line—up to 12 lines or $2,400 total!

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Ahead of the busiest travel days of the year, the Un-carrier is also giving everyone—even AT&T, Verizon and Sprint customers—a FREE hour of in-flight Wi-Fi on Gogo®-equipped domestic flights.

According to a recent Gallup survey, the average American will spend $785 on gifts this holiday season. That’s a chunk of change. But, now, T-Mobile is giving families a great way to fill the Holiday Bank. For a family of four, you’ll get $800 spending money with T-Mobile’s “Holiday on Us” promotion – more than enough to cover the holiday tab – AND everybody in the family can get a FREE flagship smartphone, too!

Earlier this year, T-Mobile broke records with its most popular FREE smartphone deal ever. Not only is the Un-carrier bringing that deal back for Black Friday – almost definitely for the last time – but now, customers can choose to get a FREE Samsung Galaxy S7 32GB and/or LG V20 64GB with qualifying trade-in, as well. Here’s how it works:

  • Trade-in a qualified phone you own and get a brand new flagship smartphone for FREE!  You pay only sales tax.  If you’ve got an older trade-in or want more memory, that’s super simple, too. Just pay a little more up front. All the deets are right here and here for Samsung and here for LG.
  • Use your new smartphone on T-Mobile with T-Mobile ONE or Simple Choice Unlimited
  • Get the cost of your new smartphone covered via 24 monthly bill credits. In other words, pay ZERO. Zero is T-Mobile’s favorite price this holiday season.

Plus, when you also switch a number to T-Mobile, it gets even better. You’ll get $200 of spending money per line you switch – up to $2,400 – on a prepaid MasterCard® card!

Or, if you don’t need a new flagship smartphone, you can even BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Just keep your old phone to use on T-Mobile with T-Mobile ONE, and you’ll get your $200 per line in equal bill credits over 20 months.



Here’s a refresher for your holiday shopping list:

  • For the Techie that Needs the Latest in VR
    • Get a FREE Gear VR and $50 Oculus app store gift card when you get a Samsung Galaxy or Galaxy S7 edge (including your free GS7).
  • For the Parents Who Need a Moment’s Peace
    • Get a FREE Samsung Tab E or LG Gpad X after 24 monthly bill credits with a T-Mobile ONE tablet plan, while supplies last. You pay only the sales tax!
  • For the Audiophile / Headbanger
    • Get $70 off the UE BOOM 2 wireless speaker (now just $129.99)
    • Get $30 off the LG Tone Pro 760 Bluetooth headset (now just $39.99)
  • For Any & Everyone

Get $50 (>80%!) off the mophie Powerstation Mini (now just $9.99)

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