Boost Mobile with new unlimited offers

Back to school is an expensive time for families and Boost Mobile wants to ease some of that financial stress with great promotions to help save consumers money. For a limited time, starting Tuesday, Aug. 22, Boost Mobile customers can connect the whole family with unlimited gigs by adding a line for only an additional $25 a month.1

“During back to school everyone is looking for the best deals for their families and the bargains from Boost can’t be beat,” said Angela Rittgers, chief marketing officer, Boost Mobile. “It is simple. Add a line of unlimited gigs of high-speed LTE data to the $50 Unlimited Gigs plan for only $25 a month for up to five lines total. With Boost Mobile the entire family can enjoy a premium data experience at an affordable price.”

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Family Plan Options

1 Line 2 Lines 3 Lines 4 Lines 5 Lines
$35 / 3 Gigs of 4G LTE $35 $60 $85 $110 $135
$50 / Unlimited Gigs $50 $75 $100 $125 $150

Boost Mobile $50 Unlimited Gigs

Boost Mobile offers incredible value and flexible data options. The Unlimited Gigs plan includes:

  • Unlimited talk, text and optimized streaming videos, gaming and music.
  • 8 gigs of mobile hot spot.
  • Unlimited 4G LTE data for most everything else.2
  • $25 a month for a second line, up to five total lines.

In addition to the $50 Unlimited Gigs plan, Boost Mobile offers 3GB of 4G LTE high-speed data and unlimited talk, text and data for only $35 a month. Customers looking for more high-speed data can add 1GB of 4G LTE data for $5 per month or 2GB of 4G LTE data for $10 per month.3 Multi-line plans are also available for families looking to save some money and add a line for $25 a month per line.




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