C Spire with unlimited offer for $65 a month

C Spire is offering a new unlimited voice and data plan for the holidays.The unlimited offer and all of C Spire’s other deals are designed to take advantage of the fact that popular top-of-the-line smartphones, accessories and associated plans are among the hottest tech gifts sought by consumers.

Here is a rundown of the company’s limited time offers for the holidays:

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  • Unlimited voice and data for $65 a month is available on any smartphone with a new line on Device Payment Plan (DPP) and a two-year agreement. The unlimited plan can be combined with the company’s free smartphone offer. After 25 gigabytes (GB) of data usage, C Spire may slow data speeds.
  • A free smartphone when you activate a new line on DPP with a two-year agreement and trade in. Choose from among some of the top devices on the market, including the iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy S7 and the LG G5.
  • To help cost-conscious consumers and families, introduction of a 3 GB voice and data plan for $40 a month.
  • Third and fourth lines are free on C Spire’s 25 GB shared data plan for families
  • Free activation – a $36 value – on all new activations and upgrades.
  • Consumers who trade in their old phone and switch to C Spire’s DPP also can receive up to $650 in bill credits and third and fourth lines free along with a $60 a month savings on its 25 GB shared data plan for current and new customers.


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