Five plus years of Un-carrier, and you ain’t seen nothing yet.

John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile  

Yesterday, I gave out the Magentees! Kind of like the Dundees on The Office, the Magentees recognize the best and worst of the last year. And, it was a pretty amazing year for some cringeworthy carrier BS and some incredible progress in our fight on behalf of customers.

Now, I’m looking forward to the year ahead, and I’ve gotta say one thing: 2019 will be epic. There’s so much on the horizon and so much change that will shape the future will begin in 2019.

So, in keeping with tradition…. here are my top 10 Predictions for the year ahead: 

  1. We’ll see real, live 5G. Not the 5G* Verizon and AT&T are touting, but real, mobile, standards-based 5G. And T-Mobile will continue to be the only company with a real plan for nationwide 5G. And if the Sprint deal is approved, buckle up. The New T-Mobile will bring 5G to everyone, everywhere!
  2. No Verizon 5G* coverage map. Verizon – the people who practically invented the coverage map – REFUSE to publish a coverage map for their 5G* (note: Verizon 5G* contains no actual 5G because it isn’t standards-based or mobile) … because their multi-billion dollar 5G* network covers blocks and blocks. And by the end of 2019, it’s not going to get that much better because it’s built on millimeter wave spectrum only. I predict at the end of 2019, Verizon will still be trying to hide how limited their 5G* is, and we will STILL not see a Verizon 5G* coverage map.
  3. More AT&T 5G BS. I predict media will use the words “AT&T” and “5G” and “BS” at least a dozen times in the same sentence in 2019 – maybe more. AT&T is trying to pull some straight up BS – showing a “5G”-ish indicator on the phone when it’s on LTE. They’ll basically be lying to their customers, and I and the rest of our team will continue to call them on it … and any other BS they try to pull. (Oh, and if you want to talk about 4G and HSPA+, try checking in with the standards bodies that classified HSPA+ as 4G. Then, let’s talk.)
  4. T-Mobile will go beyond mobile. In 2019, we’ll take our first steps to take on another stupid, broken, arrogant industry – maybe the stupidest, brokenest, arrogantest industry of all: Cable and Satellite TV. We’ll start to take on the Cableopoly on all fronts – TV AND broadband … all backed by the same Un-carrier approach of listening to customers and solving their pain points. But it’s not just about wireless, TV and broadband. I see a lot of other industries that need to be disrupted too – and the New T-Mobile, if approved by regulators, will have the ability to do just that! Wherever there are big corporations getting in the way of consumers, look out. Good chance we’re coming for you!
  5. … and Big Cable’s walls will begin crumbling. The Cableopoly doesn’t know how to treat customers or how to compete. And when they face competition, things will go to hell. That’s what will start to happen to Big Cable in 2019. You thought the Q3 TV subscriber loss was massive? Just wait. Once consumers have real choices – for both TV and home broadband, we’ll start to see cable businesses *really* erode. And with the New T-Mobile, it’ll only get worse for them next year and beyond.
  6. Comcast and Charter will be even worse to their customers. The Cableopoly is America’s most hated industry. No seriously, out of 64 industries tracked, ACSI ranks subscription TV lowest in customer satisfaction. They even got worse last year. Comcast and Charter are SO BAD they actually bring the average down. I predict things are going to get even worse for their customers. They’ll continue to screw them with hidden fees and deceptive billing, as they struggle with new competitors (ahem) in both TV and broadband.
  7. At least one other major brand will adopt Team of Experts. Earlier this year, we launched Team of Experts – no bots, no bouncing, no BS. Just real help from real people. Then, we hosted more than 150 companies – including 40 in the Fortune 500– to share how TEX works. I predict that in 2019, we’ll truly see other brands adopt TEX – because why wouldn’t they? It’s good for customers, employees and shareholders!  #CUSTOMERSFIRST
  8. Verizon will win most ironic Super Bowl ad two years in a row. I’m just going to leave this one right here. 
            February 2018: Verizon Highlights First Responders in Super Bowl Spot
            August 2018: Verizon admits ‘throttling’ data to Calif. firefighters amid blaze
    It’ll be hard – even for Verizon – to top this, but I’ve learned to never overestimate them.
  9. Verizon will sell Oath. Ok, this one is a lay-up, and we all know it. After spending $10 billion – money they made from their customers – they just admitted Oath is worth roughly $0. In 2019, they’ll finally give up. And Oath will go the way of Go90 … and Sugarstring … and the Redbox JV … and VCAST apps. I’ll be sad because it’s been a fun dumpster-fire to watch, but Verizon is a HUGE company so I’m confident they’re already well on their way to screwing something else up. So, the Oath fire sale is right around the corner. Who wants Tumblr?
  10. Hans Vestberg will launch his own cooking show – it’ll be called SlowER Cooker Sunday. After losing the speed crown to T-Mobile for 5 years, Verizon will finally embrace their position as most-congested & not-fastest network in the country, and because they have so many fresh ideas over there, they’ll launch SlowER-Cooker Sunday to celebrate. The recipes will taste like ash … and, of course, they’ll make you pay overages if you watch too long. Mike Sievert and I will live-stream our watching party.  

And one more thing…. I can’t call this a prediction, because I respect the process too much for that. But I am optimistic that regulators will finish reviewing our merger with Sprint – and they will see that the New T-Mobile will be a positive change for consumers and the country. And the New T-Mobile will bring more competition, more choices, lower prices – and the best damn 5G network in the world… to consumers across the country. It is going to be AMAZING!

Here’s to a legendary 2018 and an epic 2019!


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