Forrester: The average US adult uses more than 4 connected devices

In 2016, consumers of all ages are extremely connected — the average US online adult uses more than four connected devices, three-quarters use a smartphone and more than half use a tablet’ according to Forrester’s annual report on theState of Consumers and Technology.


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What did we find this year? All generations use more devices this year than a year ago, but which devices they use depends heavily on age. For example, 84% of Gen Zers (ages 18-27) use a smartphone and laptop, but only 44% use a desktop computer and 49% use a tablet.

Their older Millennial counterparts, Gen Yers (ages 28 -36), have higher incomes and in addition to using smartphones and tablets, two-thirds use a tablet. In contrast, three-quarters of the Golden Generation (ages 72+) uses a desktop computer, and only a third use a smartphone. 

Last year the consumer adoption of wearables reached 21%, and over a third of Gen Xers and Gen Yers used one. In 2016 consumer interest in wearables is waning—just 14% of US online adults use one, and there are more consumers who report using one in the past than currently do.