Get active with the Gear S3 watchfaces

Featuring a sturdy, IP68-certified design, GPS capability and advanced fitness features, the Gear S3 was designed to cater to the active and adventurous. Now, with the release of the three highly functional, activity-focused watchfaces outlined below, Samsung has made it even easier for Gear S3 users to streamline travel, training and trekking the great outdoors.

To illustrate their handy functions, Samsung teamed up with a world-famous adventurer, travel photographer and daredevil – three inspiring individuals who embody the spirit of adventure at the heart of the new watchfaces’ designs.

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The watchface includes an altimeter at three o’clock, a barometer at nine, a date and weather indication at six, and a sunrise/sunset display that arches over the screen. Tapping an indication once will access its app, while double-tapping will allow you to customize various display-related settings. For instance, the watchface allows users to preset altitude and atmospheric figures that, if exceeded, will cause the screen to flash red.

The Outdoor edition also features a dedicated night mode, and, like the other watchfaces on this list, is offered in multiple colors, so users may customize their screen to their liking.

For the Outdoor Watchface’s release, Samsung collaborated with British explorer Bear Grylls on a series of short videos that immerse viewers in his daily adventures and offer tips on how to use the watchface when trekking through the wilderness.

The watchface’s customizable dual-time indications allow you to easily monitor the time and temperature back home as well as in your current location, while the currency display at 12 o’clock offers easy access to the exchange rate.

The My Journey indication rounding out the screen at six o’clock allows you to keep track of distance traveled, and, when tapped, will open a detailed map to help you navigate a new city.

To demonstrate the watchface’s ability to support memorable journeys, Samsung collaborated with Russian travel photographer Murad Osmann and his wife Natalia, who created the captivating ‘Follow Me To’ photo series that’s become a social media phenomenon.

Filmed in reverse and featuring the same immersive angles and vivid color that made the photo series so spectacular, the video below follows Murad and Natalia’s journey from Moscow to Havana, Cuba. There, aided by their Gear S3s, they navigate the city’s streets, soak up its vibrant culture and snap shot after spectacular shot.

The Sports Watchface features a stopwatch at three o’clock and a speedometer at nine, beneath side-by-side displays for the user’s current heart rate and calories burned. The watchface also provides easy access to My Journey at the bottom of the screen, to help users map out runs and rides.

Moreover, like the Outdoor edition, the Sports Watchface features a built-in alert function, designed to help users keep an eye on their exertion and exercise safely. Should you exceed your preset activity level – a maximum heart rate, for instance – the screen will flash red to signal you to rein it in.

To illustrate the watchface’s competitive edge, Samsung produced a series of adrenaline-pumping videos following stunt biker extraordinaire Robbie Maddison, who uses the Gear S3 to help him train, smash records and break new ground in his sport.

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