HTC U Ultra with liquid surface

Most of the smartphone producers are coming with new models either on the Consumer Electronics Show or in late February on the GSMA Congress in Barcelona.

HTC decided to come up with something new between those two big events.

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The model U Ultra is with dual display and new, beautifully 3D contoured, liquid surface.

The model comes with HTC Sense Companion. The personal companion who is always learning from you and suggesting you dress warm and leave for work earlier on a snowy day, or reminding you to charge if it figures you need more power to last until you get home.

HTC U Ultra can recognize your voice and respond, even if it’s asleep, navigate your phone, take or reject calls, snooze or dismiss alarms.

HTC BoomSound™ Hi-Fi edition speakers deliver pulse-pounding audio featuring separated sound design like leading acoustic systems.

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