If 5G Were … Gingerbread Houses

It’s been a year since we kicked off If 5G Were… to help visually demonstrate the huge coverage gap between the major U.S. 5G networks. 12 months. Nearly 365 days! In that time AT&T and Verizon haven’t closed the gap with T-Mobile at all!

So, If 5G Were… lives on! T-Mobile’s 5G network is still nearly 2x the size of the AT&T 5G network and 4x Verizon’s. It’s like they say, some things never change.

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To celebrate the season, let’s If 5G Were… up gingerbread houses!   

But not only has T-Mobile’s network maintained a massive 5G coverage lead, we’ve greatly expanded 5G performance too. Speeds are way up via our Ultra Capacity network buildout, with several third-party reports this year showing T-Mobile’s 5G speed increase – which gives us the first 5G killer app: home broadband.     

T-Mobile Home Internet can be self-installed in minutes and there aren’t any annual contracts, data caps or any of the other limitations that make Big Cable one of consumers’ most hated industries.

It’s been such a hit, even our gingerbread house family has signed-up for service (see the adorable little T-Mobile gateway sitting there on the desk).

All this talk of 5G and 5Gingerbread Houses has us thinking … you may want to construct your own sweet 5Gingerbread House and just like our 5G network — we’ve got you covered!