Kaspersky DDoS Protection is specially designed for small and medium businesses

Kaspersky Lab has unveiled a version of Kaspersky DDoS Protection specially designed for small and medium businesses. The solution meets the demands of those organizations that require robust protection from DDoS attacks, but don’t have the resources to implement it.

Small companies are affected by DDoS attacks just as often as large organizations – the fact that this type of cyber threat is simple and cheap to deploy, means it is available to anyone holding a grudge, unscrupulous competitors, angry customers or cyber hooligans. In fact, according to a Kaspersky Lab study, every third (33%) small business has suffered a DDoS attack in the last 12 months.

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For small companies, DDoS attacks can be even more damaging because their business continuity often entirely depends on the availability of online services, while they don’t have the option of creating a backup system for the duration of an attack. A single DDoS attack can cost a small organization more than $123,000, not to mention the cost of repairing the damage, lost customers or partners.

In the event of a DDoS attack, and regardless of its power or complexity, Kaspersky DDoS Protection filters junk queries at scrubbing centers, using unique Kaspersky Lab technology. The new version of the solution does not require the installation of a special sensor inside the customer’s infrastructure and no IT professionals need to be hired to enable and configure protection. This makes it very easy to implement and very cheap to use.

This special mode means incoming traffic to the customer’s services can be constantly channeled through scrubbing centers, regardless of whether there is an attack or not. All the customer needs to do is change their IP address once, so that traffic goes through the scrubbing centers for cleaning, before it reaches the company’s resources.

By lowering the threshold of traffic volume and number of resources to be protected, Kaspersky Lab has also reduced the cost of protection for small organizations. The new version of the solution is called Kaspersky DDoS Protection Connect.

“Because SMBs have limited resources, they often can’t afford to protect themselves with an anti-DDoS system within their own infrastructure, and have the necessary IT staff to maintain it. Efficiency, affordability and minimal technical support – that’s what small companies need when it comes to cybersecurity. The more companies that are protected against DDoS, the less effective this kind of illegal business will be. And, the more successful we are at protecting businesses from DDoS, the greater our contribution will be in fighting this threat. That’s why we have developed a solution that serves this vulnerable group of businesses,” says Kirill Ilganaev, Head of Kaspersky DDoS Protection, Kaspersky Lab.

Kaspersky DDoS Protection provides complete and integrated protection, defending businesses at every stage of an attempted attack of almost any strength and complexity. Availability of the solution in other regions will be announced separately. Learn more about Kaspersky DDoS Protection here.

Under the Kaspersky DDoS Protection service umbrella, companies can choose any protection method depending on their own resources and business needs. In addition to Kaspersky DDoS Protection Connect, which doesn’t require infrastructure changes or specialist IT staff and cleans the company’s traffic in an always-on manner, Kaspersky DDoS Protection Connect+ and Kaspersky DDoS Protection Control are also available.

The “Connect+” option provides permanent traffic cleaning for larger companies, which have their own Autonomous System of IP addresses. Meanwhile, the “Control” option provides the redirection of traffic to scrubbing centers only during attacks. This requires companies to install servers with working sensors within their infrastructure and allocate dedicated IT staff to be on hand 24/7 to redirect traffic to the Kaspersky Lab scrubbing centers in the event of an attack.

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