KT plans 5G for the Winter Olympic Games in 2018

One of the most advanced mobile markets in the world are South Korea and Japan. So it is not surprise that KT, operator form South Korea, is one of the most prepared for the introduction of 5G.

KT has organized KT PyeongChang 5G Special Interest Group (KT 5G-SIG) to realize the world’s first 5G trial service at PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games.

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With KT 5G-SIG members consisted of major global vendors, KT had developed the world’s first 5G common physical layer specification in Mar.‘16 and completed the full 5G specification including the higher layer(L2/L3) specification in Jun.’16 KT is pushing forward the development of the 5G trial network and is also planning to evaluate the performance of key 5G technologies based on KT 5G-SIG specification.

On 2016 October 25th, KT and Samsung have managed to successfully test the world’s first connection on 5G network. The 5G connection was established through a network built on end to end 5G technologies. It includes all the necessary processes such as synchronization and authentication for 5G access communication.

This demonstration is different from other tests conducted earlier. The earlier tests used prototypes base stations and proprietary specifications. KT and Samsung instead used a common specification as put forward by KT 5G-SIG.

KT 5G Development Forum(KT 5G-DF) was organized by KT in May 2016 in order to promote early development of the devices and systems for the PyeongChang 5G trial service based on the KT 5G-SIG specification.

Besides jointly developing 5G network devices and systems and testing compatibility between the devices developed by each manufacturer, it will also provide end-to-end platform for 5G service verification.

Through KT 5G Development Forum, KT will provide its leadership in accelerating the 5G development and commit to providing the world’s first 5G trial service at the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games.

Sync View is the live video streaming service using a wearable camera. It provides live video from the player’s perspective in UHD quality.

Hologram live is the service, which transmits 3D holographic TV, broadcasting remotely through 5G technology. KT demonstrated the live hologram interview between Ganghwamun and PyeongChange area which are 200km apart.

360° VR is the service which transmits 360° real time live broadcasting TV through 5G Technology. Viewers can enjoy the live and immersive experience just like being in the stadium watching in any direction.

5G Safety is the security service with intelligent facial recognition algorithm. If there are dangerous or unauthorized activities, safety system will transmit directly to the security and control center. 5G safety can be used as emergency management system.

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