Money ranks T-Mobile ONE the best unlimited plan

In Money’s annual rankings of “Best Cell Phone Plans of 2017” the Un-carrier was the only wireless company to earn top honors in not one but TWO categories for best cell phone plans in the nation. The Un-carrier’s flagship service, T-Mobile ONE, walked away with the No.1 ratings for both best unlimited plan AND best family plan. Who was conspicuously absent?  Literally all the other postpaid plans.  And poor Verizon appeared nowhere on the list of winners – not even an honorable mention.

It’s worth noting that this year, download speeds and the quality of superfast 4G LTE networks took on greater weight for the ratings. The editors at Money also rated T-Mobile better for cost per gigabyte, having no hidden fees, national network quality and data speeds. Money evaluated almost 100 plans from 15 providers.

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In explaining why T-Mobile ONE is the best Unlimited Plan, the smart editors at Money said T-Mobile is best because of its amazing value, great network, and all those great perks like an hour of Gogo in-flight wi-fi on domestic flights and unlimited data and texting in over 140 countries and destinations.

Explaining why T-Mobile ONE has the best value for a Family Plan, the editors noted that having taxes and fees included, along with never having to share data, means families get a great rate and never need to worry about kids pushing everyone into overage charges.

T-Mobile ONE

Launched in 2016, T-Mobile has gone all-in on T-Mobile ONE, and it’s the only unlimited plan among the top four wireless providers to have taxes and fees included in the price. With T-Mobile ONE, the price advertised is the price you pay every month. No surprises. Right now, T-Mobile customers can get 2 lines for just $100 total or 4 lines for $140 with AutoPay!

And now, for a limited time, Verizon customers can switch to T-Mobile, keep their qualifying phone, and the Un-carrier will pay off the balance they owe to Verizon via prepaid card when they sign up for T-Mobile ONE and device protection.  For AT&T and Sprint customers, T-Mobile will pay off your phone or early termination fees up to $650 or more via prepaid card.




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