Motion sensor from Insteon enhances motion activated lighting

Insteon, creators of the world’s premier home automation and control technology, announced a new and improved wireless motion sensor, which makes activating lights based on movement easier than ever.

With a completely redesigned body, the new Insteon motion sensor is half the size of its predecessor and features wall, corner, or tabletop placement options as well as external setup and motion override buttons – just a few of the new features that make this new motion sensor best in class.

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The new Insteon motion sensor can be paired directly to switches, outlets, and plugs without an app or hub – reducing setup time to seconds. For a more customized setup and configuration experience, pair the sensor with the Insteon Hub using the free Insteon for Hub mobile app.

In addition to configuring when and how the motion sensor will activate lighting, the Insteon Hub allows you to turn the motion sensor into an alert system, pushing messages to your phone when there’s motion in a particular area of the home.

In addition to features found in the previous model such as night-only mode and adjustable countdown timer, the new Insteon motion sensor adds these newer features:

  • Improved wireless performance
  • Smaller, more modular design provides easy tabletop, corner or wall mounting options
  • Motion rest button – provides a convenient way to temporarily pause motion activation
  • Sensor can be plugged into power with an optional USB cable and power adapter that also allows the sensor to act as a repeater – helping repeat Insteon signals throughout the home
  • Multi-colored setup LED and beeper aids in setup and configuration

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