Network call and texting volumes return to normal springtime levels

COVID-19 related network anomalies have returned to pre-Covid springtime levels, according to the latest Verizon Network Report. Over 776 million calls were made and 5.87 billion texts sent on Monday of this week, showing a significant decline from peak pandemic volumes.

“As we see the shifts in network volume and usage, our engineers continue to make real-time adjustments to ensure our network is ready when and where people need it,” said Verizon Chief Technology Officer Kyle Malady. “Though the nation will be managing the impact of COVID-19 far into the future, we feel as if the biggest changes in how, when and where people use the networks are behind us. We will continue to be vigilant in monitoring the networks 24×7 for changes to continue to provide a great customer experience.”

While calls and texts are returning to normal levels, today’s report shows that gaming (up 82% over pre-COVID levels), VPN connections (up 72% over pre-COVID levels) and use of collaboration tools (remaining flat at 10X pre-COVID levels) are still highly elevated, indicating that while restrictions have been lifted to some degree in every state, working and schooling from home as well as gaming are still popular ways to use the Verizon networks.

People are on the move

As call and texting network volumes return to normal levels, mobility has increased significantly over the past few weeks. According to Verizon’s handoff metrics (the times when a data session moves from one cell site to another as users walk or drive around), 44 states have had increases in mobility over the last two weeks and 36% of states have surpassed their pre-COVID mobility levels.

“In the spring, we often see an increase in handoffs as people move around more and volume on our networks increases over what we see in the winter,” said Malady.  “So while these numbers are higher than our typical winter pre-COVID numbers, they are very much in line with what we would expect to see this time of year.”

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