New deals from T-Mobile

T-Mobile announced three very real deals for all those people fed up with being misled and mistreated by their carrier to make the switch to the Un-carrier. And of course, everyone – new switchers from any carrier and existing T-Mobile customers – can get in on the savings:

  • Buy one, get one Samsung Galaxy S10e, S10 or S10+ for up to $750 off, via monthly bill credits when you add a line; T-Mobile for Business customers can get in on this deal too.
  • Up to $300 off these uber-popular smartphones when you trade in a qualifying phone.
  • Get two unlimited lines with two phones included for just $100/month on T-Mobile Essentials with AutoPay. Choose from the T-Mobile REVVL, REVVL Plus, REVVL 2 and more.

There’s nothing real about AT&T’s 5GE, except for the fact that it is really slower than T-Mobile’svery real 4G LTE network. AT&T customers know something is up. We asked, and nearly 97% of the AT&T customers aware of 5GE (and its slower than T-Mobile speeds) said it’s misleading, according to new research conducted with Civic Science. Maybe that’s because it is!

“Hey, AT&T, your customers see right through you! They know you’re lying to them with your made-up 5GE … and they’re pissed!” said John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile. “Time to come to the Un-carrier and get thanked instead! Lightning-fast network, taxes & fees included, nationwide coverage, the best customer service in wireless, Netflix on Us, free tacos, free texting & data abroad and a whole lot more. Trade that E for the T and find out what it’s like to be treated the way you deserve!”

T-Mobile makes switching even easier with Carrier Freedom – the Un-carrier will pay off your carrier’s annual service contract and device payments (up to $650 per line via trade-in credit and prepaid card) when you trade in and get a new device on a qualifying plan. Carrier Freedom also works with the 2/$100 T-Mobile Essentials deal above.

And for Verizon customers looking to keep your device, we’ve got you covered with #GetOutoftheRed. Just bring your eligible device and sign up for T-Mobile ONE Plus. T-Mobile will pay off up to $650 of the remaining balance on your phone via prepaid card.

These offers are available in store and online, nationwide and for a limited time. 

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