New higher prices for U-verse as of next year

The monthly rate for the below services will increase on January 22, 2017 and the changes will appear in billing statements starting on that date. According to AT&T the increases are due to higher costs of programming.

U-verse TV Package Monthly Price Increase
 U-basic  $0
 U-family  $2
 U-family All In  $2
 U100  $3
 U200 & U200 All In  $5
 U200 Latino & U200 Latino All In  $5
 U300 & U300 All In  $5
 U300 Latino & U300 Latino All In  $5
 U400  $8
 U450 & U450 All In  $8
 U450 Latino & U450 Latino All In  $8

U-verse Broadcast TV Surcharge increase

The Broadcast TV Surcharge will increase by $1 per month in all markets except for the following: in Montgomery, AL it will not increase; in Detroit, MI, Biloxi, MS and Wilmington, NC it will increase by $1.15; and in Los Angeles, CA, Raleigh-Durham, NC and Jackson, MS it will increase by $0.61.

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This charge is to recover a portion of the amount your local broadcasters charge AT&T to carry their channels.

AT&T Phone monthly price changes

The AT&T Phone Unlimited plan of $35 and Phone 200 plan of $25 will increase by $1.

U-verse promotion plans

If you’re on a current U-verse promotion, your price discount will continue until the promotion ends or expires. Thank you for being a valued AT&T customer.

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