Parrot Analytics’ new TV data metrics reveal that Game of Thrones has the highest franchisability

At a presentation for the Board of the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences held today in New York City, Parrot Analytics unveiled a number of new TV industry metrics now available to its partners to monetize content around the globe. In the session, Parrot Analytics CEO Wared Seger showcased new data insights revealing series with the highest levels of franchisability and longevity.

Franchisability indicates how much potential for franchises and spin-offs a specific title has based on its longevity (i.e., how well audience demand has held up over time) and its adoption (i.e., how many people have expressed demand for the show), indexed to the franchisability of the average title. As a production case study, Mr. Seger highlighted Parrot Analytics’ franchisability metric by focusing on the conclusion of mega hit Game of Thrones.

“Spin-off shows are a long industry tradition,” he said, “But for each success, there are many failed spin-offs.  How can we assess whether spin-offs are the right move for HBO? Using our franchisability metric, we found that Game of Thrones has 227 times more spin-off potential than the average show.”

Longevity, in turn, indicates how well demand is maintained over time. To illustrate the concept, Mr. Seger pointed to Netflix’s recent loss of the U.S. rights to Friends and The Office, both of which are still in very high demand: 2.5% of the total U.S. Netflix demand came from Friends and The Office for the period July 2018 to June 2019.

“Losing the classics means potentially losing subscribers, and Netflix can’t simply commission a beloved decades-old sitcom,” said Mr. Seger. “Instead, the strategy was to look for other titles to fill the gap and buying the rights to Seinfeld for US$500M was designed to do just that. However, according to our data, Seinfeld has about half the longevity of Friends and The Office. It is still in demand, but its demand has been maintained at a lower level compared to these two shows.”

Mr. Seger also provided attendees with an overview of Parrot Analytics’ latent demand and content affinity, adoption, brand affinity and travelability metrics. The company offers these globally standardized industry metrics as part of its Demand 360 product offering, providing a 360-degree view of content as part of its global attention measurement system.

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