Pro Football Focus Selects AWS as its Official Cloud and Machine Learning Provider

Amazon Web Services, Inc.  announced that Pro Football Focus (PFF), a subscription-based analytics service that supplies data to the National Football League (NFL), National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), and Canadian Football League (CFL) teams, has moved all of its infrastructure to AWS, and has chosen AWS as its official cloud and machine learning provider. PFF will use AWS compute, storage, database, serverless, analytics, and machine learning services to improve operational efficiency, innovate at a faster pace, and drive deeper meaning from game statistical data.

AWS will enable PFF to uncover never-before-seen metrics that will change the way that teams, fans, and the media experience football. Working with AWS, PFF will enhance its data collection systems and enterprise reporting suite so that organizations leveraging PFF’s data can quickly discover player and opponent tendencies, identify weaknesses in rosters, and create play cards based on that data, accelerating their ability to strategize for every match up.

“We study and grade every player and play in every game, and by teaming up with AWS, we can better understand, refine, and enhance what we do with these vast amounts of data and how to deliver it to the fans,” said Cris Collinsworth, sports commentator, former NFL player, and majority owner of Pro Football Focus.

“We have chosen to use AWS’s unmatched breadth of functionality to innovate at scale, and are using services like Amazon SageMaker to help us build, train, and deploy machine learning models so that we can generate predictions and deliver insights faster to teams and broadcast partners such as NBC’s Sunday Night Football. We are confident that AWS will give us what we need to innovate on the fly, pinpoint new stats, and accelerate the delivery of those stats to our audience.”

“Sports organizations around the world use AWS to develop new capabilities and services that enable fans, coaches, and broadcasters to experience sports through an entirely new perspective,” said Mike Clayville, Vice President, Worldwide Commercial Sales at AWS.

“PFF turned to AWS for the speed, security, performance, breadth of cloud services, and experienced professional services team required to drive efficiency and innovation, allowing them to refocus their manpower and capital on automation and simplifying data collection, analysis, and delivery processes. We are pleased to support PFF as they continue their migration to the cloud, relying upon AWS’s leading machine learning services to convert even more data into valuable stats that thrill football fans everywhere.”