Protect your home with Arlo Go Mobile security camera on Verizon

Rest assured that your home and family are safe with Arlo Go 4G LTE Mobile HD Security Camera, a wire-free security solution that works indoors and outdoors on Verizon’s reliable 4G LTE network. Arlo Go will be available in Verizon stores on May 18, but you can purchase yours online starting today for $349.99 with two-year activation ($399.99 full retail).

Your wireless security system is only as good as the network it runs on. Verizon’s 4G LTE covers over 2.4 million square miles, meaning no matter if your Arlo Go is installed at your home, business, vacation home, backyard, garage, farm or driveway – we’ve got you covered.

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Here’s what Arlo Go 4G LTE Mobile HD Security Camera can do for you:

View live and get alerts: Use the Arlo companion app (Android and iOS) to livestream real-time HD video and sound using its 130-degree wide-angle lens and two-way audio. You can also rewind recordings to see what you may have missed. Program the camera to let you know if it detects motion or sound. If something is out of the ordinary, Arlo will send an alert to your mobile device.

Outdoor-ready: Home security is a rain or shine experience. The Arlo Go is designed for all-season outdoor use, including snow. Thanks to its built-in night vision, you can also monitor your property after dark.

Wire-free and long-lasting battery: Use Arlo Go for up to two months on the included rechargeable battery and never worry about having to deal with charging cables or system failure during power outages.

Versatility while on vacation: Arlo Go offers peace of mind when you are travelling or on vacation, but it also can be used to easily keep an eye on your vacation or rental property.

The connected camera can also come along on family camping trips. Set up the camera to watch over the camp ground and be notified if any unwanted guests (i.e., bears, deer, etc.) come by for a visit.

Also for business: Arlo Go is perfect for businesses too. Use the security camera to monitor terminals, warehouses, container yards, ports, parking lots, construction sites and more.

Add Arlo Go to your Verizon account for $5 monthly access, or add it to a Verizon Unlimited Plan for $20 monthly access.

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