Samsung opens VISION LAB in Taipei

The world’s first SAMSUNG VISION LAB opened in Commune A7, the latest chic addition to Taipei. The attractive container-styled market combines and displays elements of local culture, fashion lifestyle, and leading-edge technology.

It embodies Samsung’s ‘joyful pioneers’ ethos, which describes the company’s bold approach to innovation. The VISION LAB is Samsung Taiwan’s first pop-up store in big scale, an attempt to break away from tradition and explore new limits.

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The VISION LAB integrates Samsung’s resources and introduces four innovations:

All for You – Professional Fast Repair

The VISION LAB has achieved an industry first by providing a fast repair service that takes less than two hours for mobile devices (only with those which still within warranty period). Samsung Taiwan’s professional engineers can fix any problems, such as a broken screen, rapidly. Just taking the time of watching a movie, the repaired device is returned to the customer with ease.

The on-site Samsung Galaxy Consultants offer a one-stop Elite service to give each customer a professional and warm welcome experience. The consultants will also recommend products and peripherals that best suit the needs of the customer. They will also offer one-to-one product lessons and data transfer services.

Beacon Smart Application – A Smart Conversation with the Customer

The various Beacon devices in the VISION LAB provide customized messages to customers depending on their location. The innovative Shadowing Service offers customers a call button service, on which customers can press “Professional Help” at any time for assistance.

The staff will use a GPS navigation system to easily locate the customer, enabling them to provide an instant service to satisfy the customer’s needs. Furthermore, customers can receive messages containing the latest discount coupons and limited-time offers. This encourages customers to visit the lab to complete surveys and receive gifts.

A Variety of Accessories Readily Available to Choose From

Accessories which were only available for purchase online or through designated distributors will be available in the lab for purchase, including mobile back covers, wireless charging pads, and power banks.

A robotic arm was brought in specifically for VISION LAB. Not only is the device eye-catching, its combination with the unique  S pen onto the Galaxy Note series or the Tab A 2016 can draw a portrait of a customer in just three minutes, which will place it at the center of attention at the VISION LAB.