Samsung QLED TV offers a smarter way to watch TV

With a seemingly infinite number of entertainment options ranging from broadcast and cable to streaming services and game consoles, consumers have numerous choices when it comes to television.

But with a suite of new and enhanced smart features, Samsung’s QLED TV offers a cohesive, personalized discovery experience that makes accessing one’s favorite content very simple.

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The ‘Smart Hub’ interface, for example, combines live TV channels, set-top box channels and IP channels and shows them in an intuitive manner. One Remote Control can automatically detect and control almost all connected devices, which are displayed with instantly recognizable icons and names.

Equipped with Samsung’s TV Plus service, QLED TV also offers the easiest and fastest way to find, purchase and watch the latest 4K films and entertainment.

Furthermore, with the latest version of the Samsung Smart View app, users can not only search content easily, but also access essential functions on their smartphone through an interface like the one on their TV.

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