Samsung starts social media campaign to support the QLED TV

Samsung Electronics announced the launch of its new global social media campaign, “Find Your Color,” allowing users to identify their most preferred color among one billion colors, based on the social media photos they have shared. The figure of one billion colors is significant as the range of colors Samsung’s QLED TV is able to express.

The campaign, which will run across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, consists of a mobile site titled “Find Your Color”. The site analyzes a consumer’ images shared on her/his social channel to find the most frequently used color for the user, and return a unique color swatch overlaid on the user’s profile picture, allowing them to easily share on their Facebook or Instagram.

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The mobile microsite also contains an interactive experience that showcases imagery and content generated by social influencers and participants.

The Find Your Color campaign aims to engage millennials through a multi-channel social and digital media approach. To further spread the excitement, Samsung has partnered with global social media influencers in the fields of sports, fashion, design, travel, and art who have a strong relationship with millennial consumers around the globe.

The campaign follows on the heels of the introduction of Samsung QLED TV at CES 2017 in Las Vegas, aiming to amplify buzz for the new TV on social media through sharing by millennials and social media influencers.

Samsung’s QLED TV not only offers perfect picture quality, but also innovatively addresses the key pain points of consumers. The TV features a design devised with the lifestyle of millennials in mind and comes with unique benefits including an Invisible Cable and No Gap Wall-Mount, allowing the TV to be placed and showcased wherever a consumer may want in her/his home.


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