SK Telecom and Samsung win award for the 5G handover

SK Telecom and Samsung Electronics jointly won the “Infrastructure Innovation Award” at the Global Telecoms Business (GTB) Telecoms Innovation Summit 2017 for their successful verification of 5G mobile handover in an urban outdoor environment – a world first.

SK Telecom and Samsung teamed up to research and verify technical feasibilities of using mmWave frequency (28GHz) for super-fast and real-time 5G mobility services. In September 2016, the companies announced they successfully completed the 5G mmWave handover by connecting base stations to operators’ fiber optic networks.

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Besides 5G handover, the companies successfully tested 3D (Dimension) beam forming and confirmed the accuracy of the ray tracing RF design solution, which are considered to be the key enablers to make 5G mmWave commercially ready.

Global Telecoms Business (GTB) is a UK-based magazine that specializes in Telecommunication and IT industries.

Since 2007, it has presented its Telecoms Innovations & Technology Awards every year to five entities for their most innovative achievements in Telecom Infrastructure, Software & Application, Enterprise Service Consumer Service and Wholesale Service.

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