SKT to build the first connected smart home complex in South Korea

The largest South Korean mobile operator SK Telecom is developing the country’s first sensor-connected closed-circuit television system and applying its artificial intelligence-based speakers to apartments.

The new CCTV system is equipped with a moving sensor that is capable of not only detecting intrusions by strangers but can also examine changes in temperature, humidity and the concentration of carbon monoxide at home.

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The CCTV system is equipped with a 2 million-pixel full high-definition camera that has a viewing angle of 135 degrees.

The video footage goes to cloud server, which keeps the data safe in case of loss by artificial destruction.

The carrier has a plan to provide also AI speakers. SKT has signed a partnership with real estate development consulting firm, to build the country’s first AI-based apartment complex.

The telecom company will provide a total of 5,500 units of its flagship AI speakers NUGU for a 1,225-household apartment complex to be constructed in Pangyo, Gyeonggi Province, by 2012.

The NUGU speaker will be installed in each room and living room of the newly built apartments, enabling the control of home lighting, heating, gas taps and elevator calls via voice commands.

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