Sling TV introduces cloud DVR

Sling TV customers may request an invitation to participate in its cloud DVR beta program. Available first to eligible Sling TV customers using Roku streaming players and Roku TV’s, the cloud DVR beta program will begin in December, with support for additional devices to follow in the coming months.

Cloud DVR will be available across all Roku devices to beta customers who subscribe to the single-stream service, Sling Orange, and/or the multi-stream service, Sling Blue.

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Users may record multiple programs simultaneously, with no recording conflicts.DVR content is integrated directly into Sling TV’s “My TV” screen for immediate access to recordings.

Sling TV automatically manages DVR space to make room for new recordings by deleting the oldest ‘watched’ recording when capacity is full.

Sling TV will continue to evolve the cloud DVR throughout the beta time period based on customer feedback and usage behavior. DVR features planned for future development include the ability to upgrade storage space and protect recordings.

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