Smart door lock by Kevo offers touch-to-open functionality

Home security for family and friends is always high on any homeowners list of priorities. Traditional key entry methods are good, but troublesome when you need to enter or leave quickly, or are carrying a lot of items as you fumble with your key ring.

Here is when Kwikset’s 925 KEVO Deadbolt 11P (Venetian Bronze) comes in to provide comfort and security with its simple, bump-proof, design ideal for left or right-handed doors. Unlike normal locks, Kevo is a smart deadbolt that uses a touch-to-open convenience entry method when a Bluetooth connected smartphone (iOS iPhone 4S, 5 , 5S, 5C only) or key fob (smart keys) are within range of the deadbolt. Keep your phone in your pocket or purse. No more fumbling for your keys. Just touch the lock to open.

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Entering and leaving your home is easier since you can unlock the door by tapping the deadbolt. The deadbolt still operates like a standard mechanical lock, so keyed entry is possible if a connected smart key is not detected.

After tapping the deadbolt, a blue LED ring light spins around the deadbolt indicating it’s searching for a certified smart key. If a certified smart key is detected, the light turns green and unlocks (yellow when locking), but turns red if a smart key is not detected. However, if a smart key is out-of-range, a magenta light will appear, prompting you to move closer.

Of course, these lights can tell anyone, friendly or not, about the occupancy of the home, but Kwikset has programmed the lights to only appear if the deadbolt is certain you are outside. If the deadbolt has the slightest inclination you’re inside, it’ll only show the blue light and then nothing so your privacy and security is protected.

The Kevo mobile app enables you to send and receive eKeys to and from family and friends, while also managing eKey users and tracking eKey user history. These eKeys are e-mails telling people how to download the Kevo app so their smartphones become a smart key.

Smartkey Technology

The Kevo comes with a Kwikset SmartKey Cylinder to help rekey your lock. The SmartKey cylinder is where you place your key in the lock itself. For example, if a Kwikset lock has SmartKey, and you have Kwikset locks and keys, you can rekey the new Kwikset lock to their existing keys. With the SmartKey rekey technology, you will be able to rekey your existing Kwikset lock sets with ease.

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How secure is my Kevo lock?

Kevo is extremely secure, both digitally and mechanically. Kevo uses multiple levels of encryption to increase digital security, and it is continually reviewed by industry-leading independent digital security experts. The lock also contains Kwikset’s patented SmartKey technology, which is tested to the most stringent lock picking, bumping, and physical security standards.

What happens if I lose my phone?

Simply log into the Kevo mobile app on another smartphone or into the Kevo web portal and disable or delete your phone. You will need to use your Kevo fob or a standard key to unlock the door until you retrieve or replace your phone.

eKey Types

The eKeys you send to your friends are encrypted electronic keys which can be sent to anyone, anytime. With eKeys, you will be able to temporarily disable or permanently delete any eKey recipient, and they never expire and can be reassigned from one person to the next.

  • Owner eKey:When you set up your phone to work with the lock your phone will automatically receive the only owner eKey.
  • Admin eKey:Let others have full access to the lock, the lock’s history, and its notifications in addition to being able to send, edit, or delete eKeys with the exception of the owner.
  • Anytime eKey:The eKeys you send out are able to lock or unlock the lock.

Does the Kevo mobile app have to be open when I unlock my Kevo?

After you launch and sign in to the Kevo mobile app for the first time, it will continue to run in the background of your phone. You don’t have to open the app everytime you wish to unlock your door. When you touch the lock, it will be able to communicate with your phone even when it is locked and stored in your pocket or purse.

Is Kevo compatible with Android and other smartphones?

Kevo is compatible with Smartphones that support Bluetooth Smart Ready/Bluetooth 4.0 hardware and have an available Kevo mobile app. The Kevo app is currently available for iPhone 4s, 5, 5C, & 5S as well as the fifth generation iPod touch, third generation or higher iPad and iPad mini.

Currently Android 4.3, as well as Blackberry 10.1, does not fully support all Bluetooth LE features required by Kevo, but we hope it will soon. When it does, we will be ready shortly thereafter. We have plans to support all possible mobile devices. In the meantime, you can still enjoy touch-to-open entry with a key fob and migrate to your Android device when available. Please sign up for email updates and we will send Android and other Smartphone updates as they become available.

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