Sprint Adds Two New Device Management Solutions to Help Customers Manage and Better Secure Business Devices and Apps

Sprint announced it will offer VMware Workspace ONE and AirWatch Express, solutions designed to help companies manage and better secure devices, apps, and access through the cloud or premise-based software. These solutions are ideal for companies that are embracing the benefits of mobility and dealing with the challenges that mobility brings, especially ensuring employees have access to the app they need to be productive and that their company data remains secure. 

Workspace ONE offers robust management capabilities plus simple access to employee apps across all device platforms. AirWatch Express is designed for smaller businesses that need simplified device management. Sprint is the first U.S. carrier to offer AirWatch Express alongside Workspace ONE to its customers.

“With the explosion of mobile computing in today’s business environment, it is more important than ever for businesses and their employees to have a simpler way to manage all applications and devices within their networks,” said Ivo Rook, senior vice president, IoT & product development at Sprint. “Providing companies with platforms to effectively manage every kind of device will save time and resources, enable smarter business decisions, and allow easier configuration from remote locations.”

Workspace ONE – Empowering the Workforce and Company 

  • Effective and efficient management of all device types including mobile, desktop, rugged, IoT, wearables and peripherals
  • Centralized IT management for policy administration and device management from a single console with multi-tenancy for large distributed organizations
  • Employees will be able to experience ease of access and greater productivity with single sign-on and consistent access experience to all their apps on any device

AirWatch Express – Simplified Solutions for Small Organizations

  • A mobile device management (MDM) solution for small organizations that need a quick and easy way to manage organizational devices
  • AirWatch Express blueprint setup wizard lets managers quickly configure devices and deploy apps

Both Workspace ONE and AirWatch Express are designed to  empower employees by providing access to the tools they need on their devices while helping to protect valuable company data by managing and enforcing company policies, access to applications and data , and ultimately, if a device is lost or stolen they can remotely lock the device and wipe the data. 

Workspace ONE and AirWatch Express are part of an expanding security portfolio offered by Sprint Business. Focused on connecting people, places and things, Sprint Business can transform and manage an entire organization’s information systems operation to make doing business easier and smarter – from SMBs, enterprises to government organizations. Powerful converged solutions leverage Sprint’s mobile solutions, a world-class wireline network that connects more than 195 countries, leading IT management features and the ground-breaking Curiosity IoT platform to take on the global challenges of today and tomorrow.

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