Sprint Business team will now bring the power of robotics to its enterprise clients

SoftBank Robotics America announced a strategic partnership that will bring Pepper® to Sprint Business clients and retail customers nationwide.

Pepper is the first humanoid marketing platform and was built to support businesses by proactively engaging with customers. Pepper’s specific marketing applications help create awareness and brand affinity, and will ultimately help businesses achieve goals and ROI through unique experiences and gathering of customer insights.

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For the U.S. market, two out-of-the-box solutions are available to Pepper customers – Pepper Promoter and Pepper Host. Both applications allow businesses to leverage Pepper’s platform and form factor to proactively deliver content and messages to the user.

Pepper for Business

Sprint Business has aligned with SBRA as a referral pathway for Pepper. The Sprint Business team will now bring the power of robotics to its enterprise clients and be a key support system as Pepper becomes more widely available in the U.S. over the next year.

Sprint Business clients who commit to using Pepper will have the option to leverage either the Pepper Promoter and/or the Pepper Host content management system (CMS), depending on the business use case and with options for dedicated programing and campaign development.

Pepper for Retail

Robotics technology will change the way we do business, and for retail that means keeping customer experiences unique and fresh. Pepper’s ability to proactively engage customers and draw them into a store will ultimately build brand affinity and keep them coming back.

Pepper’s original business use case was to surprise and delight retail customers in Japan. Now Sprint is proud to team with SoftBank Robotics to bring Pepper to its U.S. customers with an upcoming pilot program that will launch in the fourth quarter of 2017. This Pepper for Retail program will include several Sprint retail stores nationwide and will expand the opportunity for U.S. consumers to experience Pepper firsthand.

Pepper and the Sprint Network

Sprint’s Network team will be one of the first in the U.S. to test and develop on the Pepper platform for the mobile space. The team’s phased approach will include leveraging Pepper’s software to study human interactions with the form factor, and to connect and test Sprint’s growing network of mobile and enterprise applications on a robot, eventually influencing future development opportunities on the Pepper platform.



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