Sprint Calls Out AT&T’s ‘Fake 5G’ Claims

Sprint issued an open letter to consumers outlining AT&T’s false advertising and deceptive acts related to its fake 5G announcement.

A full-page ad in the Sunday edition of The New York Times calls out AT&T for deceiving consumers into believing that their existing 4G LTE network operates on a much-coveted and highly anticipated 5G network. AT&T’s claims are simply untrue.

AT&T is not offering its customers 5G but is delighted by the confusion they’ve caused with their deceptive ‘5G E’ marketing and attempt to convince consumers that they’ve already won the 5G race,” said David Tovar, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications at Sprint.

“We’re not standing for this kind of deception, and neither should consumers. We already filed a lawsuit in federal court asking that AT&T be stopped, and now we’re further exposing AT&T’s false claims. Every carrier – every company – should tell consumers the truth and be held accountable for the promises they make.”

The harm to consumers is clear and substantial. A recent survey commissioned by Sprint found that AT&T’s 5G E advertising is likely to deceive consumers into believing that AT&T has a network that uses 5G technology or better. 54% of consumers mistakenly believed, based on AT&T’s claims, that the company’s 5G E network is the same as or better than a true 5G network. 43% of consumers wrongly believed that if they were to purchase an AT&T phone today, it would be capable of running on a 5G network.

Full text of the letter

Dear wireless consumers,

While Sprint is working hard to deliver mobile 5G and the first 5G smartphone in the U.S., AT&T is hard at work trying to convince you that they already won the race to 5G with something they call “5G Evolution.” That is simply untrue.

Don’t be fooled. 5G Evolution isn’t new or true 5G. It is fake 5G.

They would love for you to believe they are different … better. The truth is AT&T is simply offering customers a nationwide 4G LTE network just like Sprint and all the other major wireless carriers. It’s not 5G.

AT&T’s fake 5G claims are deceiving consumers, but Sprint is fighting for you.

We filed a lawsuit against AT&T demanding that they immediately end their false and deceptive marketing campaign.

AT&T seems to be delighted by the depth and breadth of their deception. AT&T admitted that the company’s 5G E advertising is strictly a narrative to outline how they want the world to work – not a reflection of today’s reality.

In the coming years, 5G promises new levels of innovation and progress that will transform how we live, work and play. It will enable revolutions in smart cities, health care, connected cars, robotics, augmented and virtual reality, entertainment and more.

Sprint is proud to have played a key role in developing 5G standards that will support this faster and more reliable service. By this summer, we will begin offering our customers real mobile 5G in nine major metro areas.

And if the merger of Sprint and T-Mobile is approved, the new company will deliver the world’s best 5G network with higher speeds and more capacity, coverage and consistency nationwide, including in rural America.

In the meantime, Sprint is committed to taking the necessary steps to successfully launch 5G. AT&T would rather skip these steps and claim to win the race to 5G by pretending their existing network is 5G. It’s not, and we won’t stand for it – neither should you.



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