Sprint fires back at T-Mobile

Sprint was fast in firing back at T-Mobile on the quality of the network. The CTO of Sprint John Saw also published article that covers similar topics to those raised by his counterpart in T-Mobile Neville Ray. Below you can fin excerpts and on the bottom of the article links to the whole statement and to our article on T-Mobile’s statement from yesterday.

“In November we celebrated the one year anniversary of our super-fast LTE Plus Network which grew over the past 12 months from approximately 100 markets to now reach 250.  This year we also shifted the majority of our LTE data traffic to 2.5 GHz. The results followed. In fact, by almost all accounts Sprint made the most dramatic performance improvement of any carrier in 2016, while at the same time spending less.“

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“June 2016 – PC Magazine: “Sprint is finally back!” was the headline we saw in PC Magazine’s 2016 Fastest Mobile Networks report which showed Sprint beat T-Mobile and AT&T in average download speeds, and beat Verizon in reliability. Compared to the previous report Sprint’s national LTE Mobile Speed Index increased by 22%, and average download speed across 30 cities improved 62%, jumping from 12.7 Mbps to 20.6 Mbps. Nationally, Sprint’s maximum download speed grew 70%, increasing from 72 Mbps to 122.6 Mbps.”

“Sprint now ranks second for wireless network quality performance in five out of six geographic regions of the U.S., which includes the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic (tie), Southeast, Southwest, and West regions, according to J.D. Power, a leader in independent industry benchmark studies.”

John Saw, CTO of Sprint

“We have made tremendous strides in how we operate our network. By moving to a regional model two years ago, we put accountability for every cell site into the hands of local teams. And in 2016, we took back the Network Service Assurance function that was previously outsourced.  Being closely connected to our network and our customers is a key aspect of Sprint’s turn-around strategy.”

“This past year we also showcased our expertise in millimeter and centimeter wavelength spectrum as the first carrier in the world to demonstrate 5G at a large scale public event – the Copa America Centenario soccer tournament.”

“In the coming year we’ll keep making progress on our Densification and Optimization strategy. We’ll light up more small cells with a very cost-efficient model using dedicated spectrum and innovative backhaul solutions. We have built great momentum in 2016 and we are very encouraged to see that following our deployment of 200 small cells in Manhattan we saw median download speeds increase 43 percent and median upload speeds increase 56 percent.”


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